Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Homemade baby mobile.

I headed out to a crafternoon on the weekend which gave me that time I'd been craving to get a few little projects started- a few hours of just plain Lisa time.I had some sewn mice and wanted to turn them into a cute mobile for Henry as he just loves lying on his back and staring up. I thought this mobile would be the perfect colours for the playroom and add an extra playful touch.
You will need:
Embroidery hoops- 2 different sizes (I used some hoops made for tri chem paints that I picked up for free at a garage sale a while back), wool (I chose to use red and navy but if you wanted your mobile could just be one colour), scissors, a needle and some little animals (or other objects) for your mobile.

This DIY project is really so easy that any level of crafting skill could make this.Begin by wrapping the wool tightly around the hoop without leaving any gaps. Repeat this with the second hoop.
The next part is a tiny bit trickier as the perfectionist in me had to redo this part about five times before I was happy. I began by measuring and cutting three equal lengths of red wool and attaching them (spaced roughly evenly apart) to the red hoop and blue hoop using simple knots.I then cut three lengths of the red wool and spaced them evenly around the blue hoop. To help me with making sure every section was equal I hung the mobile from the baby gym and adjusted the lengths until I was satisfied with how flat the hoops were sitting.
I sewed my mice onto lengths of blue wool and then hung them around the hoops with a mice on a ball in the centre. I choose to vary the lengths of the wool holding the mice slightly and when I was happy with the length, I tied a knot. To ensure the knots don't come undone and fall on Henry as he stares up, I used a little bit of glue from the glue gun to make sure the knots weren't coming undone anytime soon. I put a hook in the ceiling and added extra wool to attach the mobile to the hook.
Henry seriously loves looking up at his mobile and looks up and laughs each time I knock the mice to make them move. I'm a pretty big fan of this cheap and easy mobile.
Lisa x

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