Friday, 31 October 2014

Living with less

I continually feel challenged by the amount of 'stuff' I accumulate. Now we have a bigger house, we just seem to be getting more and more to fill it up. I find clutter oppressive. It makes large rooms feel crowded and provides endless extra items to clean. Since Henry was born, the enormity of items needed for a baby has also overwhelmed me. A solution for this has been setting up a playroom where all Henry's things go (as the nursery is small and really just a sleeping, changing room. Although right now it is just a changing room as Henry sleeps in our room. With frequent night feeding our bedroom seems to be the best place for him. My husband jokes that really every room in the house is now Henry's as his cradle and feeding chair fill our bedroom, his bathtub, towels and bath toys take over the laundry, he has his own playroom and nursery and still there is often a play mat and toys strewn round the lounge room. It's kind of true that our house screams new parents (hopefully not in the messy way) but having all these areas set up has made being a stay at home mum easier. 

Anyway as you can clearly understand- adding more baby stuff to our home means just a bit too much stuff. For the last 40 days I've been getting rid of a bag a day of clutter from our home (some days it's a few bags and other days none but in total 40 bags+ a few bits of furniture etc.) By bags I am referring to your typical sized shopping bag... I wouldn't have made it if I'd used garbage baths. It's been extremely liberating and I've grown to be quite ruthless. My wardrobe was hacked to pieces as I came to terms with my new 'mummy curves' and the craft room was stripped back to those items I love as the realisation that my days of endless crafting in my holidays were over for a while. 

I still have a huge penchant for thrifting and my bargain loving self got giddy last weekend about 'the garage sale trail' happening all over Australia. I made up a map, secured a thrifting buddy and most importantly got husband babysitting with a large supply of pumped milk prepared for him. However as I've gotten rid of so much, I made sure I was very restrained and sought only the most special treasures. Above: The little cane planter and faux apples were perfect to add a touch of green to the library. I was given that beautiful vase by Mum after she found it on a trip interstate and now it no longer sits empty.

I also picked up some very cheap second hand clothes for Henry. I just adore these prints (especially the gnome and mushrooms one) and as I pack away more and more clothes that he has outgrown, I feel that good quality secondhand items are the way to go- there's no use spending too much on clothes he outgrows so quickly- but I still want to dress my little man in cute stuff. In my opinion I could put him in anything and he'd still look gorgeous but indeed I am bias.I also picked up Mr Beethoven as who doesn't look a head statue...I am sure plenty of people but I happen to be someone who does. I think this statue will look lovely on a shelf in the library/front room.

I now have a bag permanently in the front hall solely for items I no longer want/need and will continue to fill it and donate each bag when it's full and while I'll forever struggle to drive past a  little cardboard sign announcing a garage sale, I am not coming home with anything unless it has a clear purpose, place and is just lovely.
Lisa x

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  1. I've often wondered if I had a larger house, would I just continue to fill it to the brim? I love op shopping, but the constant accumulation of stuff gets on top of you. I am so not good at letting go of the things I collect. Well done on culling, I guess the stuff becomes less important when a little bubs comes into your life. Xx