Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Door ray me far sew la tea do.

We have some new doors and they make me want to sing! Dad had some old blackwood doors out in the shed and they were just the perfect size (with a few adjustments) for a wall in our new house. The whole house is pretty open which we're loving but adding a door means that we now have an extra room that we can use as a guest room.
 Before (and doors below)
It is so good to have such an open house so we thought doors was the perfect solution since you can open them up when you want to and if we change our mind in the future, then we can just take the doors down.

We have a whole checklist of ideas for the space, The room that we now have will be the guest room and we have some big plans, including...
-pull up the carpet and replace with wooden floorboards
-paint over all that peachy paint
-add an interesting light fixture
-work out some way to give guests privacy as the tops of the doors are glass- thinking some little curtains...
- get some nice artwork for the hall, a colourful runner and some hooks and shoe holders for the entrance.
Really it's just exciting to have started making a few more changes. I cannot wait to see how different it looks with fresh paint and a bit of colour... and of course it will included plenty of DIY projects and thrifted treasures.
Lisa x


  1. I LOVE the stained glass windows on your doors. Can't wait to see them in person!

  2. Thanks :) There are more stained glass windows through the house which make me so happy. I can't wait till you can see them in person too!
    L x