Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Minimalist Bathroom Decor.

Today I'm excited to have a guest post for you all about how to create a minimalist bathroom. I've been working on our bathroom, toilet and laundry area for the last few weeks and have been keen to soak up any wisdom to improve my spaces. I'll be sharing where I'm at with these rooms later next week but for now let's meet Sue...

Hi my name is Sue Jason and I am a blogger at My-bathrooms blog. You may follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Minimalism is a great way to make any room seem bigger and relies on paring down the décor to the bare minimum, keeping only the necessities and those in plain simple shapes with much of the impact of the style coming from the sleek planes and smooth uncluttered surfaces. A minimalist bathroom is attractive, easy to clean and has the added advantage of appearing to be ultra clean and hygienic!
  Color Less

Minimalist décor aims to clear all distractions from view, and for this reason most minimalist bathrooms are decorated in pure white: from the walls to the bathroom fittings. Any accessories – and there will only be a few, with much hidden from view behind doors and drawers – should follow this white theme, to retain the stark and clutter-free look.

Less is Right

Keep toiletries and bathroom products tucked away neatly in cupboards and cabinets. While it is fine to leave a bar of hand soap (or dispenser full of liquid soap) on the basin for guests and family members to wash their hands, try to keep everything else out of sight, as nothing ruins the purity of a minimal look more than a row of toiletries lined up on the edge of the bath or shower!

Signature Piece

If you have the available space a minimalist bathroom is a great backdrop for a free-standing designer bath. Place the elegant bath as centrally as possible (with help and advice from a friendly plumber!) and design the rest of the décor around it to create a wonderfully eye-catching focal point.

Store It

For minimalism to work you need to strip almost everything out of the bathroom, but for the bathroom to work you will need access to towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner and so on. Therefore, your minimalist bathroom must contain plenty of cupboard space so that everything can be put away properly once it has been used! It will take some time and training to get the family in the habit of putting things away after they have finished in the bathroom, but you will be delighted with the end effect once they do have the hang of it!

Minimalism is not for everyone, but if you are keen to try it out in just one room of your home you can do no better than to choose a bathroom for your first effort! Concentrate on removing clutter and opening out the room as much as possible – and do not worry if it does not work at first; you can always tweak the décor until you find a level of minimalism that works for you.

It's great to have Sue share her fabulous ideas. There is so much now I want to think about while planning the items to add to my bathroom and how to keep my bathroom from feeling cluttered.
Lisa x


  1. Thank you so much Lisa for letting me share my ideas on your wonderful blog! It feels great to see my work here! :)

  2. The bathtub in that first picture is amazing but I'd feel so bad to use all that water! One can dream...