Friday, 28 November 2014

Fabric scrap wreath.

To everyone in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! Here in Australia we don't celebrate thanksgiving so our next holiday is Christmas and I've already started getting into the Christmas spirit with some fun crafts.

I went to these beautiful markets with some friends on the weekend and was in awe of a gorgeous wreath made of scrap fabrics for $120. I really wanted a nice wreath for our front door but didn't have any money to splurge on one but was inspired to try and work out how to make a scrap fabric wreath of my own.
To make this wreath you will need:
a wire coathanger
fabric scraps in colours of your choice (I also used some lace)
a short length of ribbon
fake leaves*
2 fake birds*
fake holly/pinecones*
a glue gun
 *I didn't end up having to purchase any items but these could be bought from your local craft store or you could personalise your wreath using whatever you wish.

1. Cut your fabric scraps to similar lengths- I just kept cutting more until I had enough for the whole wreath. I also used pieces of lace which were so quick to cut up.
2. Twist your coat hanger to make a circle shape and tie the fabric scraps around the outside.
3.Work out an arrangement you are happy with using fake leaves/birds/holly etc. Once happy use a glue gun to stick down the pieces in place.

As a finishing touch I removed some of the berries from some plastic holly I had and now I think it's just right. I am very happy with the end result and think these would also make lovely gifts.

This wreath is super quick to make- it was done in one Henry sleep (app 1 hour).
And there you have it- a freebie wreath that looks fantastic on our front door. Bring on Christmas!
Lisa x


  1. Lovely! and you have the sweetest front door : )

    1. Thank you! I love all the leadlights our home has.

  2. Love this wreath. I've inherited fabric pieces from my great grandmother and plan to make a wreath or maybe Christmas Tree. I just need to set aside the time to do it! Thanks for the instructions, it's always nice to see how others do things.

    1. Thanks, I'd love to see your finished wreath(or tree) when you get the time :-) Time is always my problem too but this project only took about an hour so was nice and quick.