Thursday, 22 May 2014

Onesie thank you notes.

There is something special and wonderful about snail mail. My dear friend Leah threw me a baby shower the other weekend and I wanted to thank those people who gave me gifts at my baby shower with a little bit of snail mail love. After looking through those available in the local stores, I felt the need to make my own. These thank you notes are so easy to make and I think look rather cute and lovely. For those on a thrifty budget, they cost nothing much to make and still show people that you appreciate their generosity. I'm always going to be someone who prefers the homemade.

To make thank you cards like this (or this idea could be used for an invite too) you need:
craft glue
very small foam pads
plain cards

If you are a craft addict like me, you probably already have all these items in your stash. If not these items can be purchased from your local cheap store.
I used the pen to freehand a onesie on a piece of cardboard (I choose to use striped brown cardboard but whatever you have will work). Then I used this onesie as an outline and cut out a whole bunch more. 
I had some plain white cards from the local cheap shop and I cut them in half to make mini cards. Then I attached the onesies using two small sticky foam pads. This way the onesies stand out a bit and it all just looks a bit more professional. For a finishing touch, I choose two coloured buttons from my button jar for each onesie and used craft glue to stick them on. I also made a few extra using some pretty patterned cardboard cut from a gift box I received.

Then write a loving little note and send them on their merry way :) Thank you notes are always a bit time consuming but I hope people enjoy the little snail mail they receive. Are you into snail mail and sending out thank you cards or do you prefer just a message or word of thanks?
Lisa x

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  1. So adorable! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft