Thursday, 13 March 2014

Getting down and organised.

Lately I have been able to complete more craft projects recently and am really enjoying finishing some of the projects that have been lying around for ages. It is satisfying to be not have such a huge to do list and see progress around the house. It's also meant I've had more chances to blog and have enjoyed being able to share a different project everyday. I've been trying to write a new post each day and would love some feedback, ideas from you readers out there about any other DIY projects you'd like to see or other details you want when I'm sharing projects send me an email at  
Now for today's DIY projects which all involve making the nursery a more organised space...

First up I decided to update an old pinboard that was lying around for the nursery. When bubs arrive I'm sure there will be lots of cards and many photos taken so I thought it would be lovely to have a little spot for these things.Updating an old plain pinboard is very easy. All you need is an old pinboard, some fabric and a staple gun. I also chose to use some grey paint (leftover silver dollar from the hallway) to paint the frame so it matches nicely with the fabric. This particular spotted deer fabric has certainly made it's place in the baby's room as it was also used on the quilt, pillow, elephant softie and ottoman.
I removed the frame from the existing cork board and used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the cork board. While the frame was removed I gave it a light sand and two coats of silver dollar paint. Once secure I then reattached the frame and it was ready to hang.
Now there's a space in the room to hang special photos and paper memories. This technique for upcycling a pinpoard is very simple and a quick way to create a cute pinboard and you can just use whatever material you have lying around.
Having places to hang items around the nursery is also important for me. I don't just want things thrown across the floor. These next DIY items came to me by accident. I was buying a little sewing basket from a garage sale and in the basket were some sewing goodies. However when I got home I also found these hooks in the basket, I quite liked them and thought they'd be useful to hang things from such as towels,  bags and changes of clothes. They were quite nice but needed a tiny bit of work to fit in with the nursery aesthetics.
I wanted the hooks to be a little bit more interesting so instead of just painting them white I used some paint tape to seal off the top half and gave it two coats of white. I like the end effect of wood and white and they look sweet hanging on the side of the wardrobe and holding some little booties for now ( I would have taken a wide photo but there are a few other little projects I've been working on nearby that I didn't want to get into the photograph).
And to finish off this productive day or making space for mementos and hanging items, I also thought I'd create a little growth chart for baby. If baby is anything like me in height this won't last that long.
I had an old ruler in my stash of randomly thrifted items and quite like it's vintage look. Without needing to do anything else I lined the ruler up along the door and attached it using two screws- a simple and easy growth chart that I look forward to using with bubs although I'm still not 100% sure whether I'll mark growth on the wall or door pane. I think I might add a little mark too for Maisy as she's the only current family member less that one metre tall. Her mark should never change as I'm certain my four legged friend is fully grown.
This nursery is making me so excited- so much cuteness is one space. I just need bubs to get here safely so we can start to enjoy the beautiful room. This definitely has been one of my favourite spaces to create so far and it's so nice having a room coming together and almost finished. I'm working on a few more things including what to do for a cot and chair and then I'll be happy to share a full room tour.
Happy upcycling. 


  1. Your pin board is beautiful! I love the fabric you used. Just precious for a nursery. :) Great job! Found you through the Catch a Glimpse party. Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. Thank you! I knew this was the perfect fabric when I saw it. L x

  2. I saw this at the Catch a Glimpse party and this turned out so cute I absolutely love it!

    Meghan @Something Splendid Blog