Friday, 21 February 2014

Nursery gallery wall.

I wanted to have a gallery wall in the nursery that tied in my colours of choice (green and yellow) and some cute art I'd collected over the years or made myself.  Finally I had collected enough items to create a display. While all the artwork is really just a mishmash of pictures I like and thought were pretty cute. I really love being able to see all these beauties together and not have them hiding away around the house.
The deer head, zebra and box were thrifted while I lived in the country. The giraffe and Eiffel tower and giraffe and cat drawing were gifts and the smaller black picture frame and black and white giraffe were bought while travelling. I have already shared how I made the embroidery frame art, sewn giraffe picture and deer print and you can click the links to see how to DIY your own.
It's great to have a little gallery wall up and giving the room some charm and visual interest. The whole process of hanging the frames involved a lot of practising layouts on the carpet and a lot of measuring prior to any nailing of hooks. The only things to find now are a few more cute knicknacks for the shadowbox. So far it houses a little Eiffel tower giraffe and a basketball man so hopefully I can find a few more cute little things to fill the shelves (although I'll probably leave a few empty shelves for any special little gifts the bub might get or collect while growing up). I only have one more blank wall to add features too and then the walls will be finished. Then the process of buying/thrifting all the baby stuff will begin so the bub actually has the necessities.  Here's hoping thrifting lots of these items will be easy!
Lisa x
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